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We have left 1 October. The flight lasted approximately 4.5 hour. Once arrived you were dumped in a space which was equal to large ant nest of people who did not know obviously what they had to do. I was one of them. After some observation I had figured out that there was a counter where 17, - or $ 20, - had to be paid and that you receive a form you had to fill in for your visa. Afterwards in the file stand for the passport control and then by to the luggage link.Finaly at last from the stress to the hotel and the dive pleasure. The kontact person of the travel organisation can not come to the inside of the airport.

You can pay with the dollar or with the euro.

We are in the Three corners Village hotel. 3* hotel. The chambers are largely and old, but clean. The breakfast was well. Disadvantage that the airco went of from tome to time and the waterpressure was to low, this was especially when taking a shower.

Three corners Village

At the hotel zat a dive school the Easy several. Nice dive school and price also nice. One day of diving came already rapidly on $ 45 and if you had your own equipment and you took a package of 5 days dive became that $ 40 per day. This did not think I therefore. Of a knowledge got we the address of an Egyptian ( Saadan) that of all kinds of excursions regulated and this way also dive and snorkel. Hij zit in het straatje tegen over het 3 Corners Village hotel dat nu Amal Village heet en hij heeft een klein souvenir winkeltje. There (diamond several) dive $ were 30 per day. And without equipment $ 35. As a matter of fact you could pay simply everywhere with euro. At Saadan all excursions are such a 30% up to 40% cheaper than at the touroperator. Therefore also the trips to Luxor and Cairo etc. Friends of our to Luxor have booked the sniffing and everything were pick fine in order.


This way now diving. We leave each morning at diamond several for 08.45 with busje to the port. Our spullen are brought in a separate car to the boat. Everyone has personal kratje. Diamond several possession an own boat. The transfer to the port, lunch, tea, water, cola and fruit after the second dive is included. They use aluminium 12 litres tanks. The marine water temperature was 26 C. I could do with my 3 mm overall the zat. The meesten dove with 2 mm shorty. If cloudy was you could, however, cold getting during the second dive. Care therefore that you dry yourself well and appetite something warm to.

Diamond several hot now: Save Sea Voyages

In general applying the following recommendations according to the country list LCR. At travellers with HEALTH PROBLEMS or at LONG TRAVEL a specialized recommendation is important!

If one comes FROM a yellow fever area yellow fever is vaccinatie obliges.
DTP-vaccinatie are recommended
Protection against hepatitis A is recommended.

dive report


The first dive (Abu Ramada north) depth 25 meters, was wall (deep drop off off) with many onderstroming, what ensured at a couple inexpert OWD's rather panic. Of them was as a result, thus rapidly by air gone. By the stroming the group became thus from each other getrokken and was after 41 minutes the dive beyond. We werden begeleid door twee dive masters. The figure of the dive: 2

The second dive (Gota Abu Ramada north) depth 14 meters, was nice lazy dive of 14 meters. That ensured rest in the group. We saw many fish such as: bleu spotted sting ray, giant moray eal, batfish, stonefish,grupers en black spotted grunts. Compared to previous the dive this a complete verademing was nevertheless.

bleu spotted stingray


The first dive (ell Fanadir north) depth 18 meters. The rif was very beautiful and there were many fish and hard and gentle koraal. Here we saw: grey murrey, octopus, stone fish and many glash fish.

Second dive (ell Fanadir south) depth 16 meters. Here many lionfisch the ordinary lionfish and the clearfin lionfish. In the distance we saw a giant travelly.



The first dive (Abu Ramada south) depth 24 meters. Leuke dive fish site with many papagaai and fish very much trumpet. Also the lionfish and nudybranch snail. At the end of the dive we went to small wrakje (Kalorena) where only the floor with the engines was still of concerning. This wreck lay on 5 meters depth.

The second dive (Gota abu Ramada south) depth 12 meters. Then we finished matter saw I straight away crocodile fish. In sum we saw there three. This spot has a large mixture to types fishes. Such as: murenes, lionfish, picasso triggerfish, emperor angelfish, clown fish, bleu spotted stingray, masked butterfly fish etc. A very beautiful dive.


The first dive (Umm Qamar) depth 27 meters. We dove along the rif with as destination a small cave on a depth of 27 meters. The cave was approximately 5 meters long. To the end of the cave a small opening was to still a cave which too narrow was swim. Lamp during this dive necessarily (only in the cave).

On the way back from the cave

The second dive (Sha'b Umm Qamar) depth 23 meters. Times these to dive we saw much rather swimming giant moray eals. A mad face to see these animals in full length (2.5 meter). And as a toetje there were a tortoise with swarm fotograverende plungers there behind.



The first dive (Marsa Abu calawa) depth 22 meters. At the descent we came at a piece rock with a huge stone fish. This rif with partially sandy floor had a large mixture to types fish. At the end of the dive the large verassing and group of botlenose dolphins came. The group existed from 4 or 5 adult and a young. When we saw them a dolphin came infer our so that the group with young safe disappearing could. A complete experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marjolijn and Adel with dolphin

The second dive (ell Fanadir north) depth 15 meters. Here we saw much large trunk fish that lay on the floor in sand. Also we saw here large gruper (potato cod). And of course many lionfish.

Hurghada are a very beautiful spot dive. On some spots the koraal is dead. I had get used, however, that my spullen every time for me to be rinsed . This was now done ritual what I myself had got used to do and me was, however, verwennerij. A large tip for cleans man was thus, however, at his place. Hurghada very worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sharm ell Sheikh (Na'ama bay)

August 2004


Sharm ell Sheikh, lain on the Southernest puntje of the Sinai desert, has to be the reputation one of the most beautiful dive locations in the world. The colour splendour under the oppervlak of the red sea is unequalled. Yachts also other will feel themselves at home in this part of Egypt. There are splendid strand where everything are possible. On 6 km van Sharm ell Sheikh lies Na'ama Bay, with a sociable centre and shops, stern and restaurants and 2 km long boulevard which runs along the renowned hotels. The bays Shark's Bay and Nabq Bay is to the newest bays full new comfortable hotels and offers you elongated strands and splendid koraalriffen. In race um ell sid can you snorkel delicious and is vele strands surround by picturesque rotswanden. In short Sharm ell Sheikh offer a particular sun holiday to every holiday maker

We stayed in hotel cataract Layalina Resort in the middle of in the centre of Na'ama Bay. The hotel is due directly to the range and the shop street. A good hotel without '' torretjes. Against concerning this hotel also Camel lie several. Do not go to hotel Sanafir, very much din and extra '' house-enjoyed ''. This hotel s'avonds are also used as a disco. Book in every gaval no half pension in Sharm there are enough restaurants in Na'ama Bay where you for 10, - deliciously can dine. The salesmen in Na'ama Bay its really a huge pain in the ass. The bests are ignore them but simply. Standard liking is always: Excuse me where are you from and can I ask you a question. What was notable me were that there are no mosquitos, but I wonder myself what is more irritating, mosquitos or Egyptische salesmen: -).

The dive centre where I have dove hot Redsea Diving college. A very professional and well organised dive centre. The departure times is Thistlegorm 03.30, local 08.45 and race Mohamed and tyrant 08.30 as from the dive centre. Our hotel lay on 20 meters distance therefore that was, however, skilful.


                                            Red Sea diving center                                                                                          The jetty















Air /dag (C)













Ventilate/night ( C)













Water ( C)














The dive centre has 7 boats and is all very wide. Average bezetting is 10 plungers. Eating and drinking to border is 5.50. They use 12 litres aluminium swindle. I have dove with 3 mm everywhere. well with a water temperature of 27 was do C. I have with nitrox 32 and 36 dove and sometimes three dive per day made, this was well do with regard to dive planning.

The local dive derisions are not less interestingly and are especially used for checkdives and training of the already at minus its them, however, interesting. The favoriete dive spot for me at least is the back or Jackson (also the North squares), where you wait in blue wash to the hammer sharks you come look up. Your guard ordinary approximately 10 up to 20 minutes on approximately 20 meters depth and then comes verify them you just as to swim vervolgens. The first time I two hammer sharks and second time have seen approximately 20. The third and the fourth time we two times on one day have been to the back or Jackson but then do not have we them have been seen: - (. Eating to border exists from chicken, kofta, rijst, pasta, salad, Egyptian bread deeped-fry vegetable hapje. Drinking was: cola, sprite, water, tea and coffee. The day temperature was in the shade approximately 33C. By afternoon hour was it too warm do something. To border the reuze turned out better than expected.

The back or Jackson (Jackson North) are the place to be for the hammer sharks. I four times have been and have two times hammer sharks have been seen. The first time two and the second time 21. The dive is as follows: You are turned off in it blue wash. Is orient difficult because you have no reference point. Thus you must watch yourself depth well. The first time thought what must I here, you hangs around a beetje on 20 meters and you see only blue water. When there in a time came a couple hammer sharks and that was such a terrible belevenis that you touch there entirely addicted of, a terrible experience. They come of approximately 70 meters look at what to the hand there is verify your and disappear then (they descend, however, very dense at approximately 4/5 meters of your). If you have hung approximately 20 minutes in blue you return to the rif to make dive yourself further.



                                                                                                                                 | White tip in large on 5 meters depth. Jackson (north)


The Thistlegorm.

This is, however, the most beautiful wreck which I have seen. He lies on the deepest point 33 meters and shallowest 16. THE TG lie approximately 4 hours sail as from Naama Bay. And approximately 31 kilometres of race Mohammed and 50 lie kilometres of Naama Bay. This dive existed from two dives. First dive was outside exploration and the second dive was within in the Thistlegorm. The first dive is s'morgens to the deepest point behind side, where the heavy machinegun and anti aircraftgun are which on the dek are on 25 meters. Moreover you can see the large breach what is ontstaan by booms of the German bombers. Here lie still ammunition, boom, MKII Bren Carrier tanks and the engine on 28 meters depth and 30 meters from the ship. Therefore if you want these see you must, however, luck have that visibility is well, and I had luck: -). You finish the dive at the large anchor pulley.

The second dive is at noon and was within. Within its 3 holds (holds). The first largely tevens deepest contains kratten with medecines and guns, links and rubber laarzen. Above section BSA contained the engines and Morris cars. More than 2 above section the BSA still more engines and Morris cars contain truck's in the low section Bedford and. More than 3 contains mainly kratten with ammunition and hand grenades. Behind wide 3 was itself wide 4 with the two tanks which you had already seen at the first dive. Here dive 2 finishes.

What was within: Engines, cars, laarzen, trucks, plane wings, Lee Enfield MK III guns.

Outside: Engine, machine gun, anti-aircraft grants, MKII Bren Carier tank, booms,


The dek BSA engines


Something believe I trace I and the mines. In the book torpedo stands but that is not it Gun


Nudybranche Masked butterfly


Bleu spotted stingray Murene


Lionfish Clearfin Lionfish


Hawksbill turtle Napoleon


                                         Red ananomy                                                                                                           Jellyfish

Scribbled leatherjacket

Sharm ell Sheikh (Na'ama bay)

September 2005

We sit in the same hotel and go to the same dive centre. Why, because the hotel and the dive centre are ordinary well and the position ideal is. The hotel lies in the middle of in the centre and 30 meters of the range and the dive centre lie 20 meters of the hotel. To the Jetty it 5 is minutes run. Unfortunately them this year were exactly busy tidy up the swimming pool, but it has become then now also beautiful.


This way we are there and escapes were 4 hours and 50 minutes. It seems exactly or those planes of Tran$avia always tighter become.

Diving disappointed compared to previous year something. This because of the number of sharks, tortoises and large spul what was not as many as previous year. Cause the time of year. For sharks you must be therefore in July/august. But does not means that that diving now nothing was worth, because it is and remains terrible in the red sea. En voordeel met vorig jaar is dat de temperatuur nu lekker was. Previous year was it really very is called and did not cool down it at night also . M. et does not have diving I to 3mm real enough. If I now go along nevertheless I really 5mm will take. The water temperature fluctuated around the 26/27 degrees. The rate is pond now 7 for 1 euro, but this wants fluctuate still once. I take along to no longer large amounts euro because you can pin bay in Na'ama concerning easy.


General tips:

- Pays attention to with money change them want your still once a note of 50 piastres palm off instead of 50 pond.
- fly field presents nothing. Be you also but even because you go almost direct further after luggage link where your trunks come directly nearly. And then further with the busje to the hotel.
- According to Anja the massage of Ayman was very worth it. ha ha
- We have done ourselves no excursions, therefore I can tell there you little of.
- Yes also have the telegraph them there, pay not too much look what stands there on the newspaper at the price of Cairo and pays something more for the effort.
- Best restaurants: Little Boedha (Asia), Pomodoro (Italiaan)
- Bargain a must just like in Turkey is
- Salesmen are errug cumbersome, ignore is the bests.
- Yes freddy etc., can buy you also in the other shop street beside the head shop street beside a Russian disco case.
- Pharmacies are provide with all spullen which you can buy here also, Venus scheermesjes etc. etc. etc.
- dia roe-deer pills of at home cannot throw away you, helps there. You can obtain in pharmacy pills which, however, help there, sit in a yellow packing (drotazide). If you get diarrhoea there it is a bacterium (in food) which that causes and those pills only help. THE Netherlands pills stop the dia roe-deer only, but remedy these. I also use them in the Caribbean area.
- Naam=ja La=nee

It was enormously sociable on the boat thanks to the Egyptische crew. Lunch on board was 40 pond and you could rink as much water, coffee, tea and cola as you want. Per day  there where3 dive done and after the second dive there was lunch.


     Sadr (bootsman), Martin (tourist) and Rami Kofta (cook)                                               Moustaffa (captain)

After the bomb attacks security tightened up. At the jetty luggage which you take along is checked and there are strict there controls if you want to get in in to Na'ama Bay. The hotel where the attack is already built again.


                                Parrot fish                                                                                                    Sandbar shark


                      Yellowbar angelfish                                                                                   Bleuspotted stingray


                               Ruppels ward slak                                                                                                Picasso


                                       Napoleon                                                                                                  Lionfish


                                         Clownfish                                                                                     common puffer